• Flat rate initial review $50.00/item  Our initial review of your audio will determine the likelihood of successful enhancement and what reasonable results can be achieved.  At the end of this review, you will be quoted an approximate cost for the completion of the project (how many lab hours it will require).
  • Forensic Audio Technician $100/lab hour  The tech will transfer your audio into our computer equipment in real time, and then use a series of software applications to reduce hiss, hum, and background noise.  The remaining audio is then enhanced for the frequencies contained in the human voice, thus bringing the speech captured on the recording up in volume and clarity.
  • Music LP/Analog Source Transfer to digital (CD) $75/lab hour  This service is for people who have reel-to-reel, cassette, or LP (vinyl record) transfer/restoration needs involving non-forensic or musical content.  Includes pop/click reduction, noise reduction, and volume enhancement for moving content from the analog domain to digital.